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Truly Memorable Bespoke Celebrations

Passionate about our profession, each of us at Monte-Carlo Weddings takes a personal approach to every wedding we plan. Thanks to decades of experience in the field, we have a deep understanding that every couple is unique and that their wedding should reflect their personal styles and shared values.

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Celebrate your union in the way you’ve always dreamed of

Our job is to make your wedding the personalised experience you’ve always dreamt about. This journey goes above and beyond the design and location; the greatest weddings bring people together, creating unforgettable shared memories to treasure forever. Keeping this as one of our fundamentals, we always work with our clients’ and their guests’ experiences as a top priority.

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Monte-Carlo Weddings

Our team assists you through the entire journey of your wedding, start to finish. We take your vision for your wedding and build, organize, lead, and fine-tune all the details on your special day.
There are many unwritten cultural aspects to planning a wedding, and we are here to help you from A to Z. The Monte-Carlo Weddings team is multi-lingual and multi-cultural with experience in many different types of weddings.
We find the best suppliers for a personalized experience, track all RSVPs and guest requests, oversee hotel reservations, and much more. Our many years of expertise will save you time, giving you the opportunity to enjoy this celebration seamlessly.
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