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“Mariage Princier à Monaco”

De richissimes Indiens se sont offert le Rocher pour des noces somptueuses pendant quatre jours.

Les angelots du plafond Belle Epoque de l'hôtel Hermitage, à Monaco, contemplent en souriant la foule bigarrée qui s'agite à leurs pieds. Ce dimanche 20 mars, les majestueuses robes à crinoline aux couleurs pâles du temps de leur naissance, en 1900, ont fait place aux élégants saris de soie multicolore, richement décorés de paillettes, de broderies, de pierreries ou de miroirs. Au fond du salon trône une balancelle à la structure en simili-argent, tressée de fleurs (cont...)

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“Kajal and Gaurav”

Just as expected, it ended up being the most grandiose Indian destination wedding of the year. The wedding of Indian socialites Kajal Fabiani and Gaurav Assomull left even the most avid high-society wedding watchers speechless. Held from March 18 – 21st and organised by wedding planning company Monte-Carlo Weddings and India’s own Percept D’Mark, it was the biggest destination wedding ever to hit the Principality of Monaco. (cont...)

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“The Pros and Cons of Proposing on Valentine’s Day: To ask or not to ask, that is the question… “

Ah… Valentine’s Day – it’s enough to stike terror into even the most romantic and amorous of boyfriends. Shall I propose on the 14th ? What if she says «Yes»? What if she says «No»? What if some other guy in the same restaurant as us proposes in a more romantic, grandious and celebrity-inspired way than I do? Before you think that this is a no-win situation, let’s (cont...)

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"Brylluper for Millioner"

Drømmer du om eksklusive, overdådige og dyre bryllupper, så skal du se med, når Kanal 4 i aften blænder op for sæsonpremieren på ”Bryllupper for Millioner”. Her kommer seerne helt tæt på de travle bryllupsplanlæggere, Christel Winther i Danmark og Frank Damgaard i Monaco, og så byder serien velkommen til Iben Dwight, som arrangerer nogle af verdens smukkeste bryllupper på Hawaii. I aften blænder Kanal 4 op for sæsonpremieren på ”Bryllupper for Millioner”. Her kommer seerne helt tæt på de travle bryllupsplanlæggere, Christel Winther i Danmark og Frank Damgaard (cont...)

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“Indian Businessman’s Big, Fat, Monaco Wedding”

Kajal Fabiani married Gaurav Assomull, CEO of luxury purveyor Marigold Group, in a glittering ceremony in Monaco. This big, fat Indian wedding, the most elaborate Indian wedding the Mediterranean principality has ever witnessed,  apparently cost about $10 million (approx Rs 44 crore) to put together. The four day fiesta started with a youngster’s party at Monte Carlo’s Indian-themed lounge bar, The Buddha Bar. The mehendi was held at the Hotel Hermitage one of Monaco’s most luxurious hotels  (cont...)

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“How to Choose a Great Wedding Planner”

So you’ve decided to hire a wedding planner. How do you choose the right one? Below are some tips to help you navigate the wedding planner selection process. Choose someone with experience Let novice wedding planners gain their experience on someone else’s time. What you are looking for is someone who has done it all before: they know what can go wrong and more importantly how to make sure things go right. A good wedding planner will not only have have a plan B up their sleeve, but a plan C and a plan D as well.  (cont...)

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“Band Baaja Baraat in Monte-Carlo”

Finally, it was the images of the decked-up elephant, and the groom on a white horse which excited Monaco and the world media most. Even before the wedding, the celebration was in-the-news, Indian newspapers talked about Kajal Fabiani and Gaurav Assomull’s exotic wedding destination, Monaco’s media referred to it as Biggest Destination Wedding in their principality, and members of the Sindhi community exchanged notes on the fairy-tale extravagaza which Billionnaire Kamal Fabiani was organising for his daughter. The four-day celebration ended on March 21st with a finale by singing sensation Akon.  (cont...)

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“Thinking of Getting Married Abroad? Finding the perfect destination wedding venue is easier than you might think”

Destination weddings are all the rage, and for good reason: they offer couples a wider range of venues that they might find at home and allow them to personalise their big day by choosing a location or a country which has special meaning for them.  Below are some pointers for choosing just the right wedding locale. Choose a venue that is easy to get to get to! It happens all the time: (cont...)

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“Why Hire a Wedding Planner?”

Before deciding to do it all yourself – find out what Wedding Planners actually do! Let’s face it – other than having maybe watched the movie “The Wedding Planner” starring Jennifer Lopez or having seen Martin Short’s hilarious rendition as Franck Eggelhoffer in Steve Martin’s “Father of the Bride,” most people do not really know what wedding planners do. I think that part of the problem lies in that until couples enter the world of bride-to-be and groom-to-be  they have a firm grasp of what other professional service providers do for a living  (cont...)

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“Interview of Grisel Damgaard of Monte-Carlo Weddings”

Grisel Damgaard of Monte-Carlo Weddings talks to Anna Fill of The Riviera Woman about her and her husband's business planning weddings in Monaco and on the Riviera. They have just earned themselves a well needed rest after completing a huge Indian wedding in Monaco lasting four days, featuring all the culture, rituals and traditions that go with such a wedding.

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“Choosing a Wedding Venue”

Often brides ask me “How do I know when a venue is perfect? What should I look for? Choosing the venues for the wedding is pretty much right up there with the very first thing couples do once they get engaged (in fact, it comes second, right after the ever-important shopping for the wedding dress!) My experience is that deciding on a wedding venue really involves a combination of factors. First of all, you start with the basics. You must find out: (cont...)

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“A Magical and Glamorous Indian Wedding in Luxurious Monaco"

In France, summer is the season for weddings. As a French/Indian team, we thought this would be the perfect time to share a grand wedding that took place in Monaco, in the south of France, between Indian socialites Kajal Fabiani and Gaurav Assomull! The duo spent their childhood years in Europe and they now live in Mumbai. Gaurav and his mother run a company named Marigold. Kajal used to run Villa 39, a fine-dining restaurant in Colaba; Held in March 2011, it was the biggest destination wedding ever to hit the Principality of Monaco. The couple and their families invited 600 guests (cont...)

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“Why the South of France is Perfect for Destination Weddings”

Beaches, Castles, and Fairy-tale venues all make this part of the world a great choice. Brides pondering on the monumental task of finding the perfect venue for their weddings often feel overwhelmed. Just think back to the old days: your boyfriend proposed, you visited the local venues on offer, you made your choice, and “voilà,” case closed  (cont...)

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“Happy Ex-Formula One Pilot Gets Hitched in Monaco during the Race”

Former Monaco Formula 1 Driver Marries on Circuit during 2010 Monaco Grand Prix: Bob Bondurant, of « Grand Prix » movie fame and founder of the Bob Bondurant Racing School of High Performance Driving in Phoenix, Arizona, USA got married on the Monaco Formula 1 circuit last Friday. Amongst a very excited crowd of onlookers, Bondurant and his new wife, Patricia, said their “I do’s. Frank  (cont...)

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“Monaco to Feast on Indian Wedding Spectacular”

The biggest destination wedding to ever come to Monaco, organised by Monte-Carlo Weddings in collaboration with the Direction de Tourisme et Congrès de Monaco, kicks off today and continues until Monday. The weekend-long nuptials will celebrate the matrimony of Kajal Fabiani, socialite and owner of the Villa 39 restaurant in Mumbai, to Gaurav Assomull, heir to the Marigold group.The ceremony will be held in accordance with Hindu tradition, whilst incorporating at the same time the sense of elegance, luxury and refinement for which Monaco is famous (cont...)

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“Don’t forget the Elephants!”

Monaco's boutique wedding planner's biggest challenge yet. Forget the horse and carriage and the vintage Rolls Royce, the must-have accessory for bride and groom in Monaco this year are elephants. Monte-Carlo Weddings is organizing one of the most spectacular weddings seen in the Principality. Specializing in destination weddings, the company is finalizing details for one of its largest events, an Indian wedding with 600 guests over 4 days, taking place from 18th to 21st March. (cont...)


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“Un Extravagant et Fastueux Mariage Indien à Monaco”

Un couple de riches Indiens a choisi la Principauté comme théâtre de leur union qui s’annonce spectaculaire et accueillera près de 600 invités. Quand on aime, on ne compte pas! Cet adage, Kajal Fabiani et Gaurav Assomull ont décidé de le suivre pour célébrer leur amour. Ce jeune couple indien fortuné a choisi d’organiser son mariage en Principauté, planifiant quatre jours de fêtes spectaculaires du 18 au 21 mars. Des noces grandioses au budget tenu discret, mais évidemment très conséquent. Un mariage avant LE mariage, celui tant attendu par les Monégasques, celui d’Albert II et Charlene Wittstock, le 2 juillet. En attendant, avec cette union inédite (cont...)

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“Un mariage de conte de fées: Est-ce possible de nos jours?"

Comment peut-on être fidèle à son rêve de jeune fille sans frôler le ridicule? Avant que nous ne commencions à parler de « mariages de conte de fées », il faut bien reconnaître que de nos jours, c'est un peu bizarre d’utiliser le terme "conte de fées". Ca sonne un peu comme un discours "années 50", sans parité homme-femme, avec un petit côté « vieille école »,  vous ne trouvez-pas ? Sans parler de la connotation du "prince charmant venant au secours de sa princesse » (s'il y a lieu de la sauver) ! (cont...)

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“Monaco Feasts on Spectacular Indian Destination Wedding”

One of Monaco’s biggest destination weddings kicked off on Monday 21st March, 2011 as the celebrations began of the nuptials between Kajal Fabiani, and Gaurav Assomull. Like many other couples from all over the world who choose weddings abroad, Fabiani and Assomull tied the knot away from home and chose a lavish ceremony in the state of Principality with the first ceremony taking place at the Salle Garnier of the Opera de Monte-Carlo on Monday. The beautiful European country of Monaco was chosen for the glitzy international (cont...)

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