Orchestrating the Entire Process

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Not getting a wedding planner for your wedding is like building a house without a contractor, leading an orchestra without a conductor or filming a movie without a director. You need someone in charge, smoothing over any hiccups and ensuring that no problems, misunderstandings or mishaps occur.

What we do is ensure that all of the various pieces of the puzzle come together seamlessly at the right time, in the right manner and to perfection.

This leaves you to enjoy your day and to revel in the attention of your partner and your guests.

Taking Away all of your Stress

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It is not just an old cliché that planning a wedding can be a stressful experience. Part of the stress comes from the excitement of the whole thing, which is quite normal!

What we are here to do is to melt away the other type of stress: the kind that keeps you up at night and prevents you from enjoying the months, weeks and days leading up to your dream wedding.

With us at your side you will no longer have to worry whether or not the caterer understood your instructions, the florist will remember how you want the table decorated, or whether or not the music will be just as you requested. It will all be up to us.

Helping you Save Precious Time

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According to statistics, the average couple (or bride...) spends between 250 and 300 hours organizing her wedding.  Many of today’s couples are very busy, and are lucky if they have a few hours here and there to consacrate to the process in the lead up to the wedding.

With enough advanced planning, we can minimize the amount of times you need to come to the South of France in person. As specialists in destination wedding planning, we help you optimise the time you have here on the Côte d'Azur and organize your visits as efficiently as possible.

Our couples marvel at the amount of issues that can be decided over the course of a week-end visit to the South of France!